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ACF Import Add-On Pro ~ 3.3.8-beta-1.4

August 31, 2022

Product Overview


It is an addon for WP All Import plugin which adds the support for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, popularly known as ACF. Now you can import the custom fields with ease. A must-have plugin for developers.

The best import export plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce

Complete, granular control of your data with an easy to use drag & drop interface.

  • Use any XML, CSV, or Excel file
  • Supports very large files, and any file structure
  • Compatible with custom plugin and theme fields
  • Images, categories, WooCommerce, ACF, etc.
  • Simple interface & flexible API
  • Powerful scheduling options

The ultimate solution for WordPress imports & exports.
CSV, Excel, Google Docs, and XML files can be great friends with WordPress when you use our professional-grade software. Our drag & drop interface makes even the most complex jobs a breeze.

WP All Import Pro

Version: 3.3.8-beta-1.4 Original Zip File

Published: August 31, 2022

Last Update: August 31, 2022

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