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BuddyBoss Theme ~ 2.1.0

September 14, 2022

Product Overview


Sell memberships, and courses, and build online communities. We make it easy for you to build on WordPress, the World’s #1 open-source platform, giving you the flexibility, control and freedom you need, to create a successful online platform.

With BuddyBoss, you can build an online community, and sell memberships and courses, with full flexibility and control over your platform. BuddyBoss is built on WordPress, an open-source platform, allowing you to have the flexibility, control and freedom that you need to launch and scale a successful online business, without being held back by a closed system such as typical SaaS platforms.

BuddyBoss Platform is perfect for:
Selling Courses Online. BuddyBoss makes it easy to share your knowledge and passion while building your audience and growing your revenue. The platform enables structured training, micro-learning, social learning and gamification for an engaging learning experience.

BuddyBoss Web for Community
Build a private or public social network with your own features, no restrictions and no algorithms.

Freedom and control.
Customize your website or app with 1000’s integrations using built-in native integrations and web-view functionality. Developers can customize the open source platform and theme and add functionality to the app using our Developer Toolkit. An API is also available.

bbtheme theme

Version: 2.1.0 Activated license

Published: February 29, 2020

Last Update: September 14, 2022

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