Transparency Is Key!

FILE STATUS - Original Zip File

The file is delivered to the user as packaged by the developer, therefore the file is untouched as no activation coding was required.


What does Nulled or Activated mean?

Some themes or plugins will not work after installation without a license key or purchase code. To make them work properly, we have to modify the original code. The process can be achieved most of the time by adding one or two lines of extra code to tell the script to ignore the activation process or to input fake details. The process is known as nulling or activation.

We also often add a small code to remove licence nag boxes from the backend of WordPress. These can be very annoying for administrators. For reference, many plugins and themes need no changes and work perfectly without any code alterations.


When this is not an option:

Sometimes when it's not possible to make something work by the above means we can offer a legitimate licence for the said item. We will mention this on any product that can offer this. By having a legitimate license the item will be properly licenced with a key.

You can then update the item from within your WordPress Admin area without the need to download the item from us. We do charge for this as we still have to purchase a special licence to allow this.

Please note: Sometimes it is not possible to activate a product fully due to built-in protection or because of the way a theme or plugin is designed to work and link with the developers' website.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us anytime.